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Whether you suffer from chronic headaches, TMJ, or allergies, acupuncture can provide you with natural relief from pain caused by a variety of ailments.

Dr. Lane will treat you like family and work with you to eliminate the condition

that prevents you from fully enjoying your life.

Start feeling like you again with our customized treatment plans

Emergency care for those times that you need

relief NOW

 •  TMJ relief

 •  Allergy symptom relief

 •  Stress relief

 •  Arthritis relief

 •  Headache relief

 •  Pregnancy symptom relief

If you are in need of emergency relief from aggravating and painful symptoms caused by either a chronic or acute ailment, call our office to schedule a same-day appointment.


Dr. Lane will put together a customized plan to get you feeling better

right away. Ask a member of our staff if you would benefit from chiropractic

or acupuncture.

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A pain-free life is possible with acupuncture

Call today to find out how the effective and noninvasive treatment of acupuncture can free you from the symptoms of arthritis, allergies, stress, pregnancy and many other conditions.

Don't put up with pain!

Get relief now.

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